Violet Moon
Project Roles: 
Brand Identity, Art Direction, Customer Research, Packaging, Product Photography + Styling
November 2018 - December 2018

As a self-directed project, I decided to explore product design and production with a company of my own ideation. Violet Moon was born – a specialty line of organic floral bathing salts. Violet Moon's self-care products transform the mundane into the magical, offering an affordable way for stressed-out individuals to encounter peace, tranquility, and a quiet escape in the midst of their busy lives – turning bathing into an memorable experience that delights and soothes the senses.
From making careful choices about the bottles themselves to formulating the actual ingredients and salt blends, this project was a labor of love and a major lesson in how to bring a brand to life, thoughtfully and consistently.

Research and Development
The first stage of the branding process involved identifying a visual style and 'mood' for the brand. From the start, I knew that I wanted to create an aesthetically-pleasing, millennial-facing luxury-product brand with an emphasis on escapism, and cater to individuals who are seeking greater a greater spiritual and emotional connection to their inner selves. These sort of people are eager to accept the promise of indulgent, blissful fulfillment that a luxury self-care bath could provide...and are likely in a suitable financial position to splurge a bit on nice 'extras.' 
Project inspiration moodboard
Brand Identity Development
I created a logo that represents the inscribed initials VM, made using 3 crystalline shapes (to represent the salt crystals of the bath soaks) and a geometric heart-shape at the base. 
The logo represents Violet Moon’s commitment to providing self-care experiences through quality products, and its assurance to its customers that love and sincerity is at the root of its mission. 
Product Development
Dried flower petals and natural essences, essential oils, and specialty salts – that's all it took to create a diverse line of products, accented by minimal but striking kraft paper labels.
The Violet Moon floral bath soaks come in two separate sizes, a 4oz and a 16oz bottle (enough for 1 bath and 4 baths, respectively), and feature 6 different blends, each tailored to fulfill a special purpose – whether relaxing, detoxing, or energizing, there’s a bath soak to meet those needs. 
The products are intended to “family” and remain consistent in design among the different sizes, as well as to look tasteful and sophisticated when standing next to each other - enticing potential buyers to experiment and possibly try them all.   
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