UCF Social Media + Mobile
Project Roles: 
Art Direction, Digital Illustration, Social Media Design + Strategy
May 2018 - May 2019
The UCF Student Union, the heart and central hub of campus activity at the University of Central Florida, seeks to provide a colorful and seamless social media experience for students who want to learn information about events, activities, and the facility's services. Part of this effort involves a maintaining a dynamic, cheerful digital presence that actively engages its users and strives to offer unparalleled friendliness, assistance, and resources.
As the Lead Designer at the Student Union from May 2018 - May 2019, I spearheaded our efforts to adopt and integrate 'Instagram Stories' as a key role in our social media strategy, all while maintaining our bright brand standards. 
Weekly Events @ the SU - Concept + Design
Below is a Weekly Events Template I developed for our @ucfsu Instagram Stories, starting in Fall 2018. I found that many students were confused about when events were happening at the building, so I decided to create a set of graphics to serve as a comprehensive calendar and friendly introduction to the week ahead. I created updated slides to be posted each Monday, and we received a massive positive student response from this initiative.
Sit To Win
During the renovation of the Student Union food court in Fall 2018, we developed a lighthearted student involvement campaign called Sit To Win - a way for students to earn Student Union promo items by casting their vote for the new style of the food court chairs. I designed the below graphic series for our Instagram Stories, as a way to get the campaign noticed and talked about. 
Food Truck Frenzy
Another component of the Student Union food court renovations included offering a variety of rotating food trucks to students while normal campus vendors were under construction. I created this graphic to promote the food trucks that would be present on campus each day.
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